UX – AR Glass Prototyping

google glass portotype device


I was preparing lecture for my students ( HCI ) about ubiquitous and wearable computing.  We do a lot  prototyping in classes, so  I thought it would be nice to make some Google Glass App prototypes this week. That’s how I got the idea  to make tests with paper prototypes and  came up with this (ridiculous) proto-gadget.

Well, this is very LOW fidelity prototyping! But it’s fun – and also funny.



Here are some other FUN prototyping suggestions:

Ok,  now… And here are some that you could actually use :

AR glasses (especially Google Glass) didn’t blend well into social, everyday life  (remember GlassHoles video?) but they are useful in medicine, engineering and field works… and I did’t want to mention military but they have been used in military’s research and industry (actually these things were invented there like most of tech gadgets) .  But….There might be some interesting applications  in the kitchen as well!? We’ll see. In the beginning people laughed to those who carried around their cell phones, talked in the street … and look at us now.

Image from http://www.kitchme.com/googleglass
“Ban the Glass Sign” by stopthecyborgs.org


Other models/brands of AR Glasses: