FLICKR redesigned


Flickr has recently changed the WEB layout and offers  a whole TERABYTE of space to users.

At the beginning of the year  FLICKR   released  the new SMARTPHONE APP with direct intention to win over Instagram users

with “richer” experience. Flickr app has better camera controls but…  still it’s a copy of Instagram app


Here is video Flickr App overview, and you can check out full APPLICATION manual HERE



As for the WEB APP …. I like the new look and  what they did with navigation.  It’s all about photos so the new full resolution view is great solution (and only reasonable one)

Here is a little ” design evolution overview” :




I like the new layout and  the FEED you get on the home page  when you log in, it’s much better UI experience

Navigation is easier, and they managed to make room for  ads as well 😉

I like the new FLICKR , it’s UPGRADED definetly